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We offer the best we know for your movie shots. From Super8 cameras to HDV magnetic tape cameras, both mechanical and electronic.

At home, we keep a small number of cameras and video cameras that we believe are the most reliable and most flexible to offer. But if you give us the necessary time we will be able to get you the one you want or that best suits your shooting needs, thanks to the virtuous network that believes and follows with confidence ULTRAANALOGIC, up to 35mm format cameras.

We remind you that the list of cameras and video cameras, like that of photo cameras, lenses and accessories is often changing because, by virtue of the ULTRAANALOGIC philosophy, we have ensured that individuals and professionals made submerged and immense treasures available, bringing them back literally “in the light” rather than letting them deteriorate in a closet or “keep safe”. We, therefore, invite you to contact us for specific requests that do not appear in the “at home” equipment lists through this specific form.

We also remind you to carefully read the General Rental Conditions. Because we respect what we entrust to you as you do…

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  • Beaulieu 2008
  • Beaulieu 4008 ZMII
  • Beaulieu 5008S


  • Beaulieu R16 Automatic 100ft & 200ft

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16mm NO REFLEX (AR lens type)

  • Bolex Paillard H16 (double perf)
  • Bolex Paillard H16 (single perf)

16mm REFLEX (RX lens type)

  • Bolex Paillard H16 RX4


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  • Nizo S800
  • Nizo S561 Macro


  • SONY DCR-PC9E PAL Dual Media MiniDv/Memory Stick
  • SONY PD150 Camcorder 3CCD MiniDV DVCAM

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