We love tapes

But not beyond the DV format!

ULTRAANALOGIC is pleased to present the dubbing & transcoding service among the most provided on the market in terms of formats processed.
Available for anyone who needs to transform their audiovisual tapes into digital format up to the DV format and designed for anyone, from the enthusiast to the historical archive.


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Audiovisual tapes dubbing and/or encoding involves the need to have specific machines available for each type of format processed, except for some formats that can be adapted for reading with common machines, such as the VHS format or the 8mm format, as long as you have a specific VCR for the latest or bigger format (such as SVHS for VHS and S-VHS C or Digi8 for Video8 and Hi8).

In the audio field we deal with the following formats:
– 1/4 inch coils
– Geloso tapes
– mini, micro & standard audio cassettes
– AMPEX up to 1 inch
In the audiovisual field we deal with the following formats:
– Video2000
– Betamax, BetaCam-SP & DigiBetaCam
– UMatic
– Video8, Hi8 and Digi8
– MiniDV, DV, DVCam, Dvcpro
– Digital-S D9
– Bvu Low Band & Bvu SP

And for other formats, we will strive for you to get our entire network in motion!