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The pleasure of a printed photograph is immense, especially when we are talking about film photography.
Seeing a photographic print come to life in front of our eyes, thanks to our gestures, is not just a question of romanticism, this is Culture.
Not to mention that a “traditional print” allows a tonal breadth and a variety of colors that a digital print can never have because the chemical process involves many more silver grains than the pixels of a digital camera can provide.
Our darkrooms allow to print of up to 10x12cm (4×5″) analog photography format onto photosensitive paper up to 50x60cm format, both in Color (only for C-41 / ECN-2 Color Negative film/sheets) and BW (Black and White).
DIRECT POSITIVE PAPER development services, often used by pinhole photography, and direct printing for INDEX / PROOFING SAMPLES by enlarger or bromograph are also available.


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Printing from digital files is a unique moment for any analog and/or digital photographic production.
Our labs specialize in 2 well-defined areas of printing: printing with INKJET technology, better known as inkjet printing, and printing with DYE PRINTING technology, commonly known as thermal sublimation printing.

INKJET PRINTING is used for Fine-Art & Large-Format printing, which are primarily required for the production of exhibition and commercial purposes as well as for decoration and ornamentation, up to 150cm in width by plotter printer or up to ISO A3 for inkjet printer.
The wide range of paper and synthetic supports available on the market allows the Client ample choice, in terms of economics and final work output.

DYE PRINTING has become a benchmark in the printing world because it offers the possibility of printing on all available materials and media: from ceramics to fabrics to metal.
In the photographic field, it has been used for many years in Photographic Laboratories as a replacement for traditional digital photographic printing because it offers very high-quality printing (superior even to inkjet printing) and remarkable durability, avoids the use and production of chemicals, and because it is productively faster than any other technology currently available on the market.

Dye-sublimation printing is often used by ULTRAANALOGIC as the main technology of  on-the-set printing service to print up to 20x30cm with various finishing for Clients a/o Productions that need a quick view of the shots such as for frame-proofing. The service is mainly requested during fitting sessions for the Fashion industry.

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