films & sheets development forcolour and bw photography

ULTRAANALOGIC’s heart: Development Labs dedicated to all types of photography films & sheets, both for fresh and expired emulsions, up to the 11×14″ (27×35 cm) format.

Our services are aimed at students, amateurs and professionals in the world of Analog Photography offering, in addition to those with special needs, such as Production Companies, Agencies and Photographic/Film Studios, Foundations, Museums and Socio-Cultural Institutions, Societies and Cooperatives, dedicated services and “mobile laboratories” on-site or directly on the shooting set (discover more about on-the-set labs here).

Processing is regularly carried out for all types of development processes for photographic films and sheets, both with standard and “push/pull” times. A 24/7 pick-up point is available at the Milan lab.


Development process for photographic films and sheets color negative, executable by commercial process in Minilab for 135 and 120 formats only or by rotary machines (archival process) for all formats up to 11x14 inches (27x35cm). The major difference between the 2 processes lies in an additional washing step in the archival process, which occurs before the last chemical step of the film (stabilizer). In this case, the film is subjected to a continuous washing with water for about 3 minutes, effectively making the film thus treated clean of any chemical residue and therefore much more stable over time, for preservation free of the usual spoilage that can manifest itself in an industrial treated film over the years, the classic example of which is the manifestation of a film coloration tending to magenta and/or green.
Process for motion picture color negative films such as the KODAK VISION series. Often 35mm and 70mm format cine films are re-coiled in shorter lengths for use in 35mm and medium format cameras because the cost of ECN-2 film is far cheaper than C-41 film. Our lab treats such film using only ECN-2 chemistries and not C-41 chemistries (with which, moreover, it is possible to develop such film) because the difference in final yield is significant. In addition, not all developing laboratories accept ECN-2 film because it tends to soil and renders unusable the chemistry in which it passes, having a preliminary and/or concluding treatment step for complete removal of the antihalo layer (remjet process). There are films on the market without this layer such as the CINESTILL films.
Process for slide films that is performed in our lab with special care, as it is the first process we started with and are proud to continue offering. The standard E-6 process we offer is a 3-bath process, while we also perform the traditional 6-bath process upon special request. The E-6 process can also be used with motion picture film (more information can be found here) such as the KODAK EKTACHROME 100D. It is the only color process that lets you watch an image by an optical projector. Our lab also offers a framing service for 35mm and 120mm.
A particular process that skips a chemical step during the regular film development process. Suitable only for color negative, and especially for ECN-2 films. The final result is a silver frame, with desaturated colors because the "bleach step" is not being performed, so to let the remaining silver forms a BW image layer above the colored emulsion layers.
A particular family of "cross-processing" in which the film type is not processed by the chemistries indicated for its proper development, for example, an E-6 film developed as a C-41 film or a C-41 film developed by E-6 process or a color film (C-41 or E-6) developed by BW process. Often the results are unpredictable and therefore of considerable artistic interest. Much more predictable is the process of a C-41 developed in E-6 which tends to take on an orange background tone. Effects similar but because they are voluntarily obtainable are like those obtainable with films from lomography


Black & White negative films process is carried out with the help of rotary drum machines or in "contiguous deep tanks" machines. We offer various types of developers, depending on the type of negative to be processed and according to the photographer's needs.
In recent years, there has been a growing desire to find alternatives development processes for Black & White, so to replace "old developers" with more sustainable chemicals such as coffee, wine, beer, and fruit. The most widely used and well-defined process variantes is the Caffenol.
BW reversal process can be performed only for certain black & white negative films, which are re-processed to become positive. Performed exclusively with the aid of rotary drum machines, it uses specific detection chemistry for this particular type of film, of which the photographic market offers 2 specific emulsions. Similar in result to the E-6 process, it makes the films thus developed usable for projection with the aid of an optical projector. Our laboratory also offers a framing service for 35mm and 120.


films & sheets development forcolour and bw photography

Did you know that a photography film and sheets developing lab can follow you wherever you shoot analog?

This is one of ULTRAANALOGIC’s founding services, with which we have been able to shorten the time to see film shots: bringing labs directly to your location or at least as close as possible to your shooting sets!

Since its inception, ULTRAANALOGIC, has sought to optimize as much as possible the return of developed film and photographic plates, so that an analog photographic production was usable within a few tens of minutes of its shooting, and without distinction with the quality obtainable from processing done in a “fixed” laboratory.

This is made possible by decades of skills acquired in analogue and the availability of equipment suitable to be transported, assembled and used in (almost) any location by skilled workers.

This has enabled photographers who have used our services to shoot more confidently and frequently in film, reassuring even the most inexperienced Production with analogue.
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